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Monday, October 1, 2012

Don't trash that sundress!

I was going through some of the kids' clothes the other day and I was about to throw out this halter sundress.  It’s fall now and by the time it warms up again it won’t fit my daughter. 


I generally donate clothes rather than trash them, but it didn’t even seem suitable for donation since the top was all stretched out.  
When I looked at it closer, I realized only the top part of the gathers were stretched out.  The bottom half was relatively good.  That gave me the idea to make it into a skirt.  A skirt can be worn in colder weather with stretchy pants underneath and with the elastic waist, this will last multiple seasons on my rapidly-growing child. 

I started by cutting the stretched-out part off.  I also cut off the gathered part on the very top.  This, I rolled into a rose shape and used a few stitches to hold it together at the base.  
I rolled the waist and hemmed it under, pulling it while I sewed to keep the stretch intact.  I added the rolled roses near the bottom hem which was otherwise unchanged from the original dress.  The last change I made was to take the cord from the neck tie and make it into a bow that I attached near the waist in the front, just for decoration.  I was pleased with how it came out and my daughter is looking forward to wearing it. 
I recently pulled out some maternity dresses that I decided not to donate and am working on some creative redos of those too.  Keep watching for more information.   

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