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Monday, September 24, 2012

Successful Tag Sale Day

I have to share my acquisitions from tag sale shopping this weekend.  I'm not a regular flea marketer, but I do like to browse around on a nice Saturday morning to see if I can find anything useful and/or appealing. I generally find one or two things--books and photo frames are common.  Occasionally I pick up some baskets or vases for planned projects or flower arrangements.  This weekend was especially fruitful.  I spent $33 and got...ready?...a solid wood sleigh table, ceramic pitcher/vase, 2 cookbooks, a magazine rack, big sturdy basket, denim jacket, 3 sweaters for my daughter, 1 shirt for my son, new knitted mittens, pumpkin lights, 2 pumpkin containers, pumpkin tree, 2 black candlesticks with candles and a lighthouse puzzle. 

 Plus, I got a year-old folding charcoal grill WITH a half bag of charcoal.

All for $33.  Crazy right?  I have big plans for the table, basket and Halloween decorations.  I'll follow up with more details soon!

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