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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Spooky Spirits

Since I’ve been highlighting some Halloween symbols in my decorating scheme (see bat decorations and pumpkin decorations) I would like to share some of our ghost decorations as well.  These were all made with (cheap!) household materials or simple craft supplies that we had around the house. The kids had fun helping out and adding their personal touches, too.

The ghost garland is made from off-white construction paper, cut with a simple ghost template that I made from a piece of cardboard.  My daughter traced and cut the ghosts and helped apply the googly eyes.  I punched 2 holes in the top of each, threaded them on the ribbon and added the bows.    

The ghost mobile is made of paper dinner napkins.  We separated the 2-ply napkins into their thin layers and overlapped them askew so there were 8 points instead of 4.  We stuffed the heads with tissues or more napkins and tied the necks with narrow ribbon.  I threaded a large yarn needle with package ribbon and pushed it through the ghosts to make the mobile.  The eyes were drawn on with a sharpie marker. 

This large hanging ghost was made years ago, but comes out every year to decorate.  It is made from a scrap piece of fabric draped over an empty bleach bottle.  Raffia is tied around the neck and the face is made with craft foam cut into appropriate shapes and glued on.  A ribbon tied to the top makes a simple hanger. 

Finally, this "trashy" ghost is made of white kitchen trash bags filled with newspaper and tied with a ribbon.  My daughter made several of these, many of which are hanging outside since they are weatherproof!  She designed unique faces for each one with a black marker. 

Even with only a few days left until Halloween, these simple ghostly decorations can be made with time to spare! 

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