Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Quick Quilted Throw Pillow

I recently found myself with a basket of very good quality button-down shirts that I could not wear.  Unfortunately button-downs do not flatter my body shape but I loved the colors and patterns of the fabrics in these shirts.  I knew there was something useful I could make from them. 

I decided to try this quilting square pattern that I found at Andie Johnson Sews   Thanks for the great tutorial Andie!
The pillow insert and two button down shirts that will be chopped up.

I had a pillow insert lying around and thought I would try using this pattern to make a throw pillow. Two complementary fabric shirts would be enough fabric for the pillow.  These are solid light pink and gingham light pink.  The colors don't show up too well in photos but I tried my best.  I have never done any quilting at all in my entire life but I do have basic sewing skills so I thought I’d give it a try. 

I couldn't use the size suggested in the tutorial since I needed the size to fit my pillow insert. I’m terrible at measuring so I cut a piece of ribbon the length of the top pillow fabric.  It helped that the pillow insert was square!  I folded the ribbon in half and allowing a bit extra for seems, I cut four identical quarters from each shirt.  To make sure the cut was square, I folded the fabric diagonally and trimmed.  Someday I will have a rotary blade and mat but for now, I have to manage without.  

My fancy measuring technique
The size of my squares with seem allowance

I cut open all the sleeves to make the most of the shirt fabric.

Here are my 4 squares in the solid pink.  There are 4 more in the gingham.
Squaring it up

I cut four identical squares from each fabric and followed the quilt square tutorial.  You may notice that I missed a step and my pattern does not look quite like the tutorial.  This was accidental and it made my edges all uneven but it was getting late and I decided to trim and go with it.  I then made the other side the same way so they matched. 

I had some gathered lace and thought it would be a lovely addition to the pinks.  I was pretty pleased with the final result.  What do you think?

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