Friday, November 9, 2012

From Clearance Cast-off to Beautiful Bling

I was out shopping for a belt for my son this week. He is 4 and all of his pants either fit him in length or in the waist, but not both.  Since high-waters are out-of-season, I went in search of a little boy’s belt. 
Well, I didn’t find one, but I found a really ugly necklace on clearance.  I would not wear or gift this necklace as is, but the colors were great and I really liked the individual beads.  Since it was a multistrand necklace, it had a LOT of beads.  To buy this many beads at a craft store would have cost far more than the $5 clearance price of the necklace.  So I have a few jewelry making items at home including  the long pin-like posts for dangling earrings and the hoops for attaching them to the ears. I also have some needle-nose pliers which are essential for making jewelry. 

With these few items and about 2 hours one afternoon, I changed one ugly necklace into 12 pairs of earrings and a single strand necklace that I liked much better.  SPOILER ALERT: If you receive a pair of earrings from me for an upcoming holiday or birthday, please pretend to act suprised. ;)
All 12 pairs before being attached to ear hoops.

Some more detail on a few pairs
The necklace and one of the pairs of earrings.
Here's to seeing the potential in something.

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